National West Airlines
National West Airlines

We would like to introduce you to the new National West Airlines model. National West Airlines is now accepting investors for a late 2018 start-up and would like to have you as part of the team.

The airline model is detailed in a Business Plan which includes an Executive Summary to serve as a short and “to the point” overview of the airline operation. A Financial Projections booklet is also available for review upon request. It contains the essential spreadsheets that evaluate the costs associated with operating the airline. In addition to the financials, an aircraft performance booklet is available that contains maximum passenger loads in and out of our markets while taking into account seasonal temperature changes. This aforementioned booklet is to ensure the aircraft are cost effective with the desired load factors. The aircraft passengers’ loads are also supported by an additional booklet that contains reports from the Department of Transportation Bureau of Transportation Statistic (DOT BTS). These reports cover the past five years of passenger arrivals and departures out of each airport and which airlines service that airport.

As described in the business plan, extensive research on the market area has been performed and data has been accumulated from 15 marketing reports covering 27 cities. These reports indicate that the new air service is considered necessary and that the cities are willing to grant concessions on leases and revenue guarantees.

National West Airlines will be using turbo-props in its fleet. These are the most cost effective aircraft to start the airline and they will allow NWA to have the flexibility to have positive revenue with passenger load factors as low as 55%. The aircraft we intend to operate are available and ready, and are an excellent choice for the route structure.

We believe that National West Airlines will be successful. We will do this by providing service only to communities that provide concessions or subsidies to us and by operating in an environment where we will not be controlled by or competing with a major airline. We are very excited about this airline and after talking with the City Managers, County Aviation Directors and Airport Managers, we can’t wait to get the wheels in the air.

We believe this is a great opportunity for you not only as aviation enthusiasts but as a way for National West Airlines to take advantage of an underserved market. National West Airlines will be offering limited number of shares of ownership for sale at a low cost for start up investors with a high return.

If you would like to request the National West Airlines business plan or the Financial Projections appendix for review or just have a few questions please email us so we can answer any questions you might have about the Airline’s potential.


The National West Airlines Team


The National West Airlines team has available for review-

Regional Airline business plan, 30 pages
National West Airlines
Executive Summary, 10 pages
Financial Projections booklet- 30 pages that includes,
Start up funding
Employee cost
Pro forma Income statement
Pro forma Balance sheet
Pro forma Cash flow
1st year income
2nd year income
3rd year income
Baggage income
Operating cost of Airlines per flight hour
Break even cost per, year, month & hour of airline
Personnel cost year 1
Personnel cost year 2 & 3
Operating cost of the aircraft per hour
Aircraft Insurance cost for 3 years
Monies in reserve from operating cost of aircraft
Aircraft Financing
Depreciation of aircraft-Straight line
Depreciation of aircraft-MACRS
Fuel Cost Variable
AV fuel cost at NWA airports
Stations operating cost 1st year
Stations operating cost 2nd year
Stations operating cost 3rd year
Station equipment list and cost & depreciation 1st & 2nd year
Station equipment list and cost & depreciation 3rd year
Example outstation cost per year/quarter/mo
Investor Exit Plan

(all Financial Projectons review by Scott Colgan MBA accountant.)

Appendix A with-
Projected flight crew cost for 3 yrs
Projected passenger tickets prices for 3 yrs
Projected out station cost
“Letters of Intent” from NWA cities
Appendix B with-
Performance study done by aircraft manufacture for National West Airlines markets.
aircraft performance for outbound & inbound flights passengers loads vs. seasonal temperatures
Appendix C with-
US Department of Transportation Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Airport passenger traffic and airline service overview for NWA markets 
Appendix D with-
Pictures of available Facilities
Pictures of NWA destination airport terminals
15 marketing reports-
Covering more than 27 cities.
Airline visitor profile
To request a copy of the Executive Summary or Financial Projection booklet contact us at
(To review the above items require a signed “Non Disclosure Agreement”)